EXPRESSIVE MEDIA PROJECTS, is a distribution company of audiovisual contents for the national and international market.

The company’s main focus lies on documentary & animation feature films as well as on TV Movies. One of the main features of EXPRESSIVE is that of having the worldwide exclusive distribution rights of the Basque Regional Public TV, the so-called EUSKAL TELEBISTA. EXPRESSIVE does also attend the main international audiovisual markets in order to acquire high quality production.


Address: Capuchinos de Basurto, 2 - 48013 Bilbao - Spain
Phone: +34 94 404 49 00 - e-mail:
Contact Person: Izaskun Pérez Gaubeka

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ESKAMAK KENTZEN "Removing the scales" SERIAL

When the owner of the I Tre Velieri canning factory confirms the company is closing on the verge of bankruptcy, the workers decide to take the plunge and buy it as a cooperative. They do it against everyone’s opinion and take on debt despite their precarious economic situation. This is the starting point of ‘Eskamak Kentzen’.

The series follow the ups and downs of the brave canning factory workers who show no fear in the face of adversity and who never lose their optimism and strength to keep going.

Main Activity: Distribution
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